Memory Pool: your 10-slot clipboard

Your texts, photos, pictures, tables are always here! The program for saving different types of data while maintaining formatting. More convenient than regular Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V.


How to save text to the clipboard?

Select the text, press Ctrl + C. Everything is simple here, you do it every day.

But what if you need to copy text, pictures, tables quickly, and keep the formatting of the data array at the same time?

Windows tools don’t know how to copy and store different types of content with the correct formatting, but what a benefits and time savings the feature can provide!

MemoryPool is a simple utility that will make you the king of the clipboard. How does it work?

  1. Select the text with pictures and tables using the mouse, everything is as usual.
  2. Press Shift + Ctrl + 1,2,3,4,5, etc. Digits are slots for storing different sets of data. You can store up to 10 pieces of data at a time, with quick access to each.
  3. Click at the right time and place the key combination Shift + Alt + 1, Shift + Alt + 2 and so on, depending on the chosen slot, or click on the required pool using Assistant. The program inserts the saved information at the specified place.

Besides hotkeys, you can import text using the Assistant. It is placed over other windows and displays all stored pools (№1, 2, 3 etc) of data together. Each pool displays the first few words to remind you what is stored in each pool. To insert data, you need to place the cursor in the right place in the document and click the pool from the list in the helper.

How to start using Memory Pool right now?

Just download the licensed version of the program from our website and install it on your computer. Follow the instructions to register. Congratulations! You can use all the features of Memory Pool right now!

We provide you a 21-day trial. All functions will be available for free, and you can see right now how Memory Pool makes our life easier.

More useful functions of MemoryPool:

  • Your data is synchronized with the server: for example, save the data on your work computer, and use it at home. The main thing is that MemoryPool should be installed on both devices.
  • Create an account on the site to get access from the browser without the installed program.

Learn more about the features of MemoryPool in the video below.


Memory slots

Store 10 pools of data at the same time. Each slot (pool) has its own insert key combination.


Supports any text programs

Copy the text in any text editor or web, and add wherever there is a paste function.


User-friendly interface

The program contains a main window with 10 tabs of copied data, just like a regular text editor. Copy, edit in the program, paste. Also, use Assistant to insert a pool data with a single mouse click.



Save all 10 data pools to the server and access them from any other computer with Memory Pool installed.

How do I start using Memory Pool? Discover everything about the program in just 7 minutes!



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where the program is installed



of data saved on the server


Assistant is launched with MS Word

Browse Internet

Work with Facebook

Insert text into the search bar

Edit text in the main window

Main window and assistand simultaneously

User reviews

Do you fight with routine every day? Save time on copy-paste!

Subscription plan

Subscribe Memory Pool for 1 year now and use the program's features without any restrictions! Free trial available



1 year of use

  • Synchronize with server
  • One year subscription
  • 21-day trial verison
  • Trial version does not synchronize
  • MS Windows 7 - 10 compatible
  • .NET Framework 4.7

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